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PPE Chartered Flight

NHS PPE supplies being loaded onto a chartered plane, May 2020

Sea Freight

The most cost effective delivery option


We take care of export and import documents

DHL Courier

A balance between speed and cost.


Ship either FCL or LCL

We work with the world’s best worldwide freight and logistics partners to look after all sea and air freight, customs clearance, bills of lading, certificates of origins, duties, tariff classification, UK haulage and shipping insurance to give you complete peace of mind. We can also offer pre-shipping and factory inspections.

Sea/Air transit times

Sea: Typical port-to-port shipping time from China to the UK is 24-29 days, depending on the port of departure and arrival. Transport from the Chinese factory to port, loading and unloading, customs clearance and UK transport can typically take 15-20 days.

Air Freight/Courier

Regular freight flights leave all major China cities on a daily basis. Delivering by Air is usually more expensive than sea, apart from small compact items. The great advantage of course is the speed. Door to door air transport typically takes 5-15 days.

An alternative to airfreight is air express courier and rates from China are considerably less expensive than rates from many other countries. In many occasions air courier (DHL/Fedex/Etc) door-to-door can work out cheaper than airfreight for deliveries of less than 100kgs volume, because air courier typically includes customs clearance and inland transportation.


FCL is a Full Container Load and LCL is Less-than Container Load. Generally LCL has a longer transit time compared to a FCL – with LCL the shipping company has to gather enough people to fill the container. The container has also to be loaded and unpacked at depots increasing time. Transit times are still within the timescales mentioned above. With an FCL shipment the whole container is loaded onto a truck at the destination port and delivered to your premises.

This page is for your information so don’t worry if you don’t understand all of the requirements – that’s why we are here.  We will look after everything for you and choose the best delivery method for your product.

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