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Getting a Quote

Covid-19 PPE catalogue

To get a quote for PPE equipment, please see our PPE catalogue

When asking us to quote for an item please be as detailed as possible. Please include as much detail from the four headings below.  The more detailed the specification the faster the response will be.

1. Product specification

This is critical. The more detailed the product specification is, the less time it will take for the factory to produce therefore reduce your costs.
Try not to leave any detail to assumption, what is it made of, what materials are used, are there any grades or specific standards relevant, is it packaged in a certain way, does it have to stack/display in a certain way? Because you are familiar with it, does not mean we will be as familiar with it. If possible send us an example of the product you want us to quote for. A detailed product specification means not having to change the quote based on new details that were omitted.

2. Quantity

It is easy to say “it depends on the price” but most serious businesses know how many they will need. Will this be a one off order or will re-orders be likely, what will the frequency be? We don’t have a standard MOQ (as products vary greatly) but typical minimum spending is £5,000 to £10,000 for bespoke products. Below this amount are typically off-the-shelf products that can be branded.

3. Delivery date

What date do you need it by? This will let us know if you need it by air or sea. Time scales are 40/45 days by sea and 4 to 14 days by air. Production times can be 20-55 days depending on the product, and sample time is typically 10 – 25 days.

4. Current and anticipated price

What is your anticipated target price and what are you buying at now?  If you are looking to get your products sourced in China you can be almost guaranteed a saving in production.  If you are not going to make a saving then its not worth while going ahead. Also, you are not going to save 90% so please be realistic. What is the minimum saving you need to make to justify going direct to the factory?
Once you have as many of these details as possible please Contact Us or have a look at the Order Process.