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Clothing Factory

We carry out factory inspections

Canton Trade Fair

Sourcing products at China’s largest trade fair

Type II Face Mask Production

With CE and EN product certifications

Sample of t-shirt

We produce samples for approval before production


We carry out independent 3rd party testing

If ordering PPE products, please visit the PPE catalogue page.

Order Process

The order process is here to give you step by step guide so you know what to expect from initial quote until the product arrives at your door.

  1. We receive the quote details (points 1-4 from getting a quote) from the client.
  2. We contact factories currently making the same products. We include any specific customisation you requested.
  3. We submit a quote and a purchase order to be signed if you wish us to proceed with a sample.
  4. We make the sample to your specifications. The sample and specification become the agreement. We will charge an agreed sample fee if no order is placed.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the sample we move to full production . Where agreed we have the products independently inspected at the factory or before shipment.
  6. Your products are shipped to your door. door (see transport/customs)


How can I be sure the quality standards will be met?

We only deal with factories that have an export license so they are already producing thousands or tens of thousands of the product every year to export worldwide.  This makes a great difference as they will specialise in your chosen product.

As part of the order process we will send you a sample of the product. The sample and specification become the agreement. If you are not 100% satisfied with the sample there is no obligation to proceed.  Where agreed we have the items inspected independently before shipment, which adds to peace of mind. There is always risk, but from experience, most issues occur where the specification is either not clear enough, or a client retrospectively introduces a technical or packing detail that they assumed everyone knows.

China is full of good business people (we deal with them every day) and they understand the value of the second order.  Things can go wrong, but then people come to us in order to remove or reduce that risk.

Please get in touch to see how we can help.